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amount of money involved. >> and the west virginia mine disaster. new information on the rescue effort. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, our streak of dry, blue skies and summer like heat is over. the clouds rolled in early this evening and then the rain came down. some areas were even under a thunderstorm warning for a couple of hours. hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. more on tonight's rain in a bit. first some of the top stories tonight. staff members at baltimore's afro american newspaper are mourning the death of one of their own. paper's 72-year-old security guard was gunned down while ordering food at a chinese carry out early this morning. police say the two suspects fled the scene, with $13. they stole from another customer. at the paper today the victim's co-workers were struggling to make sense of it all. >> life is a cycle. and so you are born and grow old and then eventually you die. but when it is cut short by something that doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason. and that's
of hours. front is still sitting back over western portions of west virginia. so we we have a good distance to let that get through overnight tonight. and temperatures will fall. so definitely we have more activity on the way. in fact, looking at the lightning. mainly over virginia where it is strong, as far as even tornado activity down there. and north of us. but lightning for us has been quiet. looking and talking about the warm air pushing out. big changes on the way. coming in from the northwest. and continue to see temperatures drop as we go through the overnight. i will have a look at the temperatures and your weekend outlook coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> more concerns over baltimore city's practice of rotating fire company closures. the issue, back on the table tonight. after three people, including a firefighter are seriously hurt in a fire. keith daniels is live at shock
in a moment -- 35 reports of hail, in maryland, virginia and west virginia. most of that occurred between 5:00 and 8:00 last night. more rain likely today and this is the problem, we take to you jessup, patuxent valley middle school, 50. storm total yesterday 2.6 inches of rain. when you get that much in a short period of time, it's very hard for it to drain. this is the issue this morning. heavy rain coming down. it's reaching reisterstown, owings mills look out, 795 and 140, reisterstown road, you're getting very wet heavy rain approaching cockeysville. that will be the 83 split through towson. looks like timonium will be very wet. eldersburg, mount airy is getting it now. north side of ellicott city and most of the stuff probably going to pass to the north of ellicott city and columbia, but we have rain and that continues to push to the east which includes our friends in harford county, bel air, on the north side now but looks like more heading from the band in owings mills, in your direction this morning. 50s this morning. we get to 66 and isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. could be
of the first potential drilling sites is off the coast of virginia and many republicans are calling that decision to drill an economic godsend but will baker.s out waters off the virginia site feed into maryland's ecosystem and said it will introduce a host of new pollutants into the bay and the potential for a disastrous oil spill. >> all of the mr. crabs born in a year or 90% of them could be affected by a bad spill. that could wreak havoc for watermen and crab lovers for a decade to come. >> others shared similar concerns. we'll have more on that coming up live at 6:30. mindy, back to you. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of president obama's decision to open up coastlines to offshore drilling? email your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com, again, that's watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> today the obama administration is requesting that new rules to build more fuel-efficient vehicles become final. >> the new rules will be phased in by 2016 requiring cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles a gallon. that's a nearly 50% increase. p
in west virginia, and they are forced to retreat. kathryn brown reports for wjz, unsafe conditions are forcing the teens out of the mines. >> reporter: rescuers, waiting outside the upper big branch mine are anxious to get back underground. >> this is still a rescue mission to us. we still have rescue chambers that we have to go to. and we still believe. >> reporter: this morning, teens got close to where four missing miners may be located. when explosive levels of toxic gas forced them to evacuate. >> you can imagine hauling equipment for a long distance, getting up there. getting exactly where you need to be. and then having to double time back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: crews are working above ground to drill more holes and make the air in the mine safe. >> main thing is, we know we can get crews so far. >> reporter: the families are all staying together here on this mountain. and cargd to the governor, they -- according to the governor, they are getting very little sleep. this community is doing all it can to support them as they wait for word on
of roanoke, virginia. roanoke, virginia. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> the institute of medicine is putting pressure on the fda to lower the amount of sodium and americans' diets. it is in processed foods like soup, pizza, and deli meat. there is a report from the iom that says neither the companies or the government has done enough. the average consumer eats about double the salt that they actually need. it could lead to hypertension and other health problems. dodge the fda should regulate it like it does many other substances that are not considered safe at all levels. >> they are considering the recommendations. from better to sweet. there is concern over sweeteners found in processed foods and beverages. the higher amounts of these additives could increase the risk of heart disease. doctors say if you're concerned about heart disease, you will have to look at your added sugar intake. the new study adds to the body of evidence that suggests eating a lot of hard red meat increases the risk of b
. >>> president obama announces an offshore drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. many environmentalist are not happy about it. they say it puts the blue crab population at risk among other things. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better, how could we be doing things smarter. >> reporter: president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make american less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore on the atlantic ocean is as much part of the chesapeake bay as we see right here behind me. >> reporter: the chesapeake watershed runs 8,000 square miles from upstate new york down to the susquehanna river, and down to the state of and the mouth bay and virginia beach. the head of the foundation says there's a lot at stake. >> 90% of the state's female blue crabs spawn at the mouth of the bay. the la laver a flow to the bay. an oil spill could literally wipe out an entire year class of blue crabs. >> reporter: baker says it would
. >> the decision to move the corporate headquarters to virginia and not maryland is sparking a lively debate between the candidate for governor. at issue whether state officials did enough to close the deal. john joins us with more on the debate. >>reporter: officials with northrup say state officials put together a very competitive offer, moved the corporate headquarters from california to marry land. republican candidate for governor disagrees. the restyling company in columbia he blamed o'malley administration for not doing more to entice the company to move here. northrup employs 11,000 people in maryland and plans to here another 300. estate officials say virginia was able to offer the company a better deal on land. that's worth 300 corporate jobs relocated. urlich claims maryland may never have been seriously considered for the move. >> it appears that we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage. maybe that leverage got a better deal from virginia for northrup. >> we would like to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland but the good news is northrup ha
grumman picked virginia over maryland as its new home for its global headquarters. in the "washington post" this morning one maryland lawmaker said that the state is more gay-friendly than virginia, trying to lure northrop grumman to our state. northrop wins awards for gay rights. virginia is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> 6:53. the u.s. supreme court announced yesterday it will hear arguments on whether states have the power to regulate violent video games. back in 2005 california law prohibiting the sale or rental of such games to minors never took effect because the industry immediately challenged its constitutionality, after winning two rounds from the lower courts. the entertainment software association is confident the highest court will side with them as well. >> it should be treated just like movies, music, books and other forms of media. that there's a first amendment constitutional protection to the great games that are made by our industry. >> the parents should be responsible for what their kids have especially when it's violent or anything other than pg-13. >> the gaming
virginia. greensboro, charlotte. just approaching charleston, west virginia. and by tomorrow morning, we will see light rain in the region. and on and off during the day tomorrow. most of this will pass across virginia. we'll be in the northern fringe of that, seeing some rain in our area, tomorrow afternoon. into the evening hours. before it clears out late tomorrow night. look at temperatures. still another mild day. our normal high is 66, 67. that's where we are right now. 66, 68 in washington. a little more sun, south of d.c. 62 in oakland. not too bad out there. and 57 off the water. cooling down in ocean city. still very dry. dew point is down to mid-30s. clouds coming down late tonight. we're going to have to get moist before we see the rain coming down. winds very, very light. they have been out of the south and southwest. here's that little system over portions of northern virginia. it's heading across the carolinas with the rain. now it's in the western carolinas. southwestern virginia getting light rain. all of this is moving off to the east/northeast. just south of washington
. >>> now the latest in west virginia about what's going on where families and friends are holding out hope for four missing miners but rescuers say chances of survival after the blast monday are slim. even the search is difficult. the west virginia governor said it could be by midday before much progress is made venting poisonous gases from where the men could be. we have a report from west virginia with more on the search efforts. >> they cut through and it was a thousand 93 feet about 4:15. >> crews working with giant drills bored into the earth's crust straight through the night in hopes of reaching four coal miners trapped deep underground. >> we did not get any response back from the beating on the pipes as a signal. >> some of them are still there. >> two days after a blast rocked the upper big branch mine killing 25 people, some of this west virginia community linked to hope. >> my heart just hurts for those people. the men that are still in the mines. >> reporter: others to resignation. >> the coal mine is a way of life down here and it's really sad that something like that happene
. >> honoring the miners. how family and friends of those kill indeed west virginia are remembering their loved ones. >>> massive protests over a new immigration law in arizona. why some say it's an abuse of civil rights. >>> why you only have a few days left Ñ >>> mourners gather in west virginia to honor the miners killed in an explosion earlier this month. many of the people at service wearing black ribbons with gold shovels special pickaxes. president obama met privately with the victim's families before delivering the eulogy. >> it can be found by seeking the face of god, who quiets our troubled minds. a god who mends our broken hearts. a god who easies our morning souls. >> the names of the 29 victims were read during the memorial service. their pictures were also on the stage. >>> protests continue outside the capital building in phoenix over the new strict immigration law. police are required to question people about their legal status. it also toughens restrictions on hiring illegal immigrants for day labor. maryland lawmakers are weigh nothing on this controversial issue. >> n
are starting to dry just a little bit. southwest virginia coming up towards roanoke. that will make its way up toward charlottesville. probably won't really impact our region until the middle of the day tomorrow. i've been the main rush-hour will be tomorrow evening's rush- hour. we can use rain. 70 degrees at the inner harbor. the normal high as 66. the low was 39 at bwi marshal. the tree pollen came down a little bit today. 65 both checking in at 66 degrees down toward the coast, with the future cast trowing range staying in virginia. we will wake up a cloudy skies as they increase overnight. temperatures will not be as chile. the system is not very strong. it has an area of low pressure tracking east and trying to draw moisture out of the goal -- out of the gulf. this is followed by high- pressure through thursday. it starts to have our way for the weekend. moving off the coast tomorrow, showers may redevelop on thursday, and the next threat of rain won't arrive until late evening. we will try to move it in our direction. it will be cooler tomorrow because of the clouds, showers, and the br
news, west virginia. >> the u.s. army is pulling the welcome mat on several fast food restaurant operating at bases in afghanistan. the one to terminate burger king, pizza hut', , because they take of the valuable resources like space and water. they are in a war zone and not an amusement park. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think about the army pulling these restaurant chains from bases in afghanistan? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> coming up, caught red handed. a florida man cannot escape the scene of his crime. >> and president obama is he ya know, i'm really glad we finally decided to see where raisin bran crunch is made. yeah, this trip is way overdue. i just can't wait to see all those crunchy flakes in action. i hope i get a chance to put two scoops!™ of raisins in some boxes. you know what will really get us in the spirit? ♪ 99 boxes of raisin bran crunch ♪ ♪ if you're nice to me i'll share some with you ♪ ♪ you take one down ( and pass it around ) ♪ ♪ 98 boxes of raisin bran crunch ♪ three tasty
resume earlier today in west virginia to find four miners believed to be under the rubble after monday's explosion. officials now say the -- they had suffered a setback because of dangerous levels of gas underground. >> it has been in another setback for rescue teams in the mounds of west virginia. >> as they are traveling into the mind this morning, we had some consecutive samples that indicated an explosive mixture. >> a mixture of methane gas and carbon dioxide and hydrogen, to explosive for rescue teams to continue their work. drilling on a second ventilation shaft should be finished soon, which will double the efforts to make the mind safe. that will still take time, extending the agony for family members who have been waiting three days for any word about their loved ones in the mine. >> the bigger, the better. >> tommy davis lost three family members in the blast, including his son. it always talked at shift change, but he had no idea that monday's conversation would be their last. >> i turned around and walked away from him. i walked down and said levy, buddy. -- love you, budd
drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. >> so how could this affect the chesapeake bay? karen parks is standing by the along the water to explain. >> many environmentalists are not happy about the plan at stake. among other things, maryland blue crab. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better? how could we do things smarter? >> president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make america less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore, on the atlantic ocean, is as much of a part of the chesapeake bay as what we see behind me. >> chesapeake bay watershed runs 8000 square miles. from upstate new york, down the susquehanna river out to western virginia. the mouth of the bay, is near norfolk and virginia beach. will baker of the foundation said there is a lot at stake. >> 90 percent of the bay's female blue crab spawn at the mouth of the bay. the larvae float out to the ocean in the top centimeter of the water column
a safe shaft into the mine before then. >> we will continue to follow the west virginia mining disaster on our website. we have posted the latest updates, video of rescue workers and a timeline of other disasters. go to wbaltv.com and you will find the link on the homepage. >> and other cities like new york, los angeles and chicago are seeing a spike in violent crime, but baltimore is seeing a decline. in fact, it is the lowest rate of violent crime in more than a decade. >> watching the homicide numbers over the years, of course, there has been tremendous concern as they have increased. now police are saying they're at in a 33-year -- they are at a 33-year low. >> we are far from winning the race, but we're on the right track. >> from january to the beginning of april, they investigated for the murders. the latest was at the end of march when a man was shot multiple times in the head. police found his body in the lincoln park area of west baltimore. they compared these 40 murders to the 60 that they had at the same time last year. they claim that homicides are at a 33-year low. >> the
their semifinal games blue devils are favored in west virginia. and the mount -- against the mountaineers in west virginia. the mountaineers are in the final four for the first time in 51 years. don't miss the game tonight. see the butler bulldogs against the spar tans. it all kicks off at 6:00 p.m. on wjz-13. >> well, i pick west virginia. >> well, they're close enough and we saw weijia jiang went to west virginia and she's from the area and you can root for the team that's closest without routeing for the acc if routeing for duke pains you. >> and west virginia hasn't been in it for so long. >> and at least make the loss for morgan more tolerable. >> right. that's how i look at it. >> well, yeah. >> 6:00, maybe you've done all you want to do outside and if not, the weather will be phenomenal and a lot of people around the inner harbor and the espn zone, they're all watching it and march madness will be in full swing there. it will be a nice weekend and get outside and enjoy it for a minute. 48 degrees now and we're going to be going up to 30 degrees from where we are now. and the forecast high,
will allow oil platforms in water 50 miles off the coast of virginia and would lift the mother tore yum -- moratorium on exploration. >> given our energy needs in order to produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up renewable sources. >> reporter: would allow drilling from the northern tip of delaware to the coast of florida. >> more information as it comes available and to ascertain whether we believe that the downsides. detriments of oil and gas drilling off the coast overrides our concerns with the environment. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley is opposed to drilling off maryland's shores in the past now says he's neutral and he is now eager to begin working out the issues that need to be addressed in order to make this a comprehensive policy. >> oil and wort simply -- water simply don't mix. we're trying to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> reporter: more than 60% of our oil, some are willing to accept the risk. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why
in thailand alone. president obama is expressing his deepest condolences to the family of the 25 west virginia coal miners killed in the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in decades. the blast happened yesterday afternoon at the upper big branch mine about 30 miles south of charleston. it is raising new concerns about safety and whether fedor -- federal inspectors failed to do their jobs. >> as the sun set over the mine, the first holes were being drilled down into the chamber where four men might still be alive. it is a tricky job. >> it is sitting on top of the mountie -- it is not as a blessing on top of a mountain and penetrating where you want to -- as sitting on top of the mountain and penetrating where you want to hit. >> could they still be alive? nobody knows. yesterday's mess the explosion was powerful. the upper big branch mine has been cited 124 times for ventilation, does, and methane gas problems. -- the dust and methane gas problems. local residents are in agony. >> you cannot imagine him as you have someone in there. >> we are all family. it is like brothers and sisters. >> and ton
to move its headquarters to virginia and not maryland. bob ehrlich says the state didn't do enough to entice the prestigious fortune 500 company. governor o'malley denies the claim saying that they were offered $32 million in incentives. but ehrlich says it's not enough. more incentives are necessary to reverse the perception that maryland is not business friendly. >> it appears that we were not taken seriously. we were used for leverage and maybe that got northrop grumman a better deal in virginia. >> the good thing is they have people on who are employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> maryland put a competitive offer but ultimately economic and available real estate was the deciding factor. >>> the debate over bringing table games to maryland is a legitimate issue, however he says the state still needs to work kinks in the slot gamble machines program. voters approved bringing as many as 15,000 slot machines to five locations in the state three years ago. it was part of the referendum that the govern or governor o'my supported. none of the locatio
of virginia and not to maryland has entered maryland's gubernatorial race. touring a auto recycling plant. he ehrlich blamed o'malley for not getting them to move here. $22 million in incentives was offered but ehrlich was not impressed. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage, maybe, that leverage got north north a better deal from virginia. >> we would have liked to have been able to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news is north north has 11,000 people that are currently employed in maryland. and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> a spokesperson for north north said maryland put together a very competitive and impressive offer. now that brings us to the question of the day. is maryland doing enough to attract businesses in the state. so far 17 percent of you say yes. and 83 percent say no. paul from union bridge writes on our website, if maryland was such a business friendly state businesses would not be leaving for better conditions in other states. >> well, it is shaping up to be a great weekend. >> yeah, chief
virginia right now. >> the they are there right now and they are going to come down here and protest saying that god has killed them guys. no. better take their ass back to texas. better go now. >>reporter: the group plans to be in west virginia for the next few days. >>> lively debate today in annapolis on bill that would legalize medical marijuana but as john tells us it's an issue still sharply dividing lawmakers. john. >>reporter: the bill has bipartisan support but still plenty of questions being raised by skeptics. bill allows pharmacy to distribute small amounts of pot with patient with chronic or severe illnesses. many doctors say pot relieves pain and easys side effect of chemoo. marijuana grown and regulated by the state. today senators debated details of the program whether pot would wind up in the hands of patients who are not severely ill. >> let's be honest. this bill goes way, way, way beyond terminal cancer pain. we are talking about people going through agony and pain. people with cancer. people with leukemia. people with wasting disease and other terrible awful
county, d.c., northern virginia. essentially we have the fog. the fog is a problem, it'll continue to be a problem for the morning ride. it'll be slow and get there in a hurry. you will not get where you want to go in a hurry. we break out the sun, 70 degrees. so we have something to look forward to. this morning it's all about the fog. let's go to the woman in charge. here's kim brown . >> we have a problem on the bw parkway. traveling southbound 295, good hope road, there's a crash blocking all lanes at this time. i'll get more details and let you know. as we take a peek at our drive times, pretty much in the green. people are reducing your speed. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100, up to 395. 11-minute ride down to route 32. if you're traveling on the west side of the outer loop, seven minutes from 70 to 95. baltimore city, we're still working a couple events. we do have a truck fire, south highland avenue at boston street, over in randalstown, crash reported kings point road, eastbound at marriottsville road. sherrie johnson standing by with details on one of this mornin
to virginia and not maryland is sparking debate between the candidates for governor. assist john rydell reports, the two candidates disagree over whether the state did enough to close the deal. >>as he tours an auto restyling plant in columbia bob ehrlich raises questions about the deal that got away. reacting to news that northrop plans to move from los angeles to virginia. maryland had hoped to land the 300 executive jobs. and the prestige of a fortune 500 company but ehrlich claims o'malley did not do enough to entice them. >> it appears we were never taken seriously. used as potential leverage, maybe that leverage got northrup a better deal from virginia. >> state officials deny it. they say maryland and montgomery county offered the company a total of $22 million in incentives and company's ceo explains why he chose virginia. >> proximity and available real estate played a big role in it. but the economics also played a big role. >> we would liked to have been to be able attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrop grom man has 11,000 people currently
of the front that is moving, extending from lancaster all the way down into west virginia and the panhandle of maryland. we're going to see these storms rolling in here across the state. very widely scattered, area wide. but we want to show you some watches and warnings we have in effect. there is a red flag warning in effect for all of the areas in the red shading until 8:00 p.m. tonight. there is a watch for garrett county. that simply means we have low humidity, high heat. and the winds now, all creating the potential for some fires, should anything spark them. could be a real problem. again, all it's going to take is a little rain and humidity to go up a little for that to all start to subside. we'll keep you posted on that through the evening. and for now, back over to you, kai. >>> let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> reporter: and to say that this is a busy friday afternoon, would definitely be putting it mildly. sky eye chopper 13 has been over that scene for that accident on 70 eastbound at the beltway. it happened around 3:00. we had a van
was released from the hospital. in whitesville, west virginia. >>> and the owner of the mine is paying for the funerals. >>> we're learning about a scare for the governor and others. at least 50 lawmakers and the house speaker were gathered at a bar welcoming freshman representatives and the building caught fire and everyone was forced outside. the anne arundel firefighters reported there are no injuries. >> it's a simple ritual for a 72-year-old man, picking up chinese carry out on his way to his job and on his way to his order, a robber killed him. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. it was something that he did every day, get food here before going to work police say during a robbery, someone shot him and his family wants to know why. this 72-year-old was a vietnam veteran and an overnight security guard. and his family says that nearly every night at midnight, he stopped here getting dinner on his way to work. he was here thursday morning when the police say that two people came in. >> two unknown black males came into the store and shot and killed m
. >> in west virginia, about all we could do when a tragedy happens is to pray or feed people. >> reporter: but this tragedy has touched their lives, too. they have students whose fathers were killed in monday's explosion. >> just watching all of the ambulances going down the road that day, it was just horrible. >> reporter: with today's setback, their wait for answers drags on. in raleigh county, west virginia, kathryn brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> seven bodies have been brought out of the mine. and authorities hope to recover 18 others known dead from the explosion. >>> crews are working to repair a gas may break in anne arundel county, but forced several homes to evacuate. it happened this morning, when a bge crew accidentally hit a 2- inch gas line. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene in earleigh heights. while it was being repaired. all of the homeowners have been allowed to return home at this hour. >>> he's back. the masters tournament is under way and tiger woods is getting back into the swing of things. randall pinkston reports for wjz. >> tiger woods teed off at augusta under
little bit of cloud cover down across parts of virginia and out over the mountains, but mostly clear round baltimore. it feels cool, but these numbers are pretty close to normal. there is a warm up on the way. it is 61 here in baltimore, but 80 degrees in chicago. we should feel some of that warmup heading into thursday and friday. the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> still ahead, why it is important not to wait if you plan on registering your child for 3 k in baltimore city. >> a guest teacher for part of teach for america week. plus, now realize it was pointless. re>> more and more kids are beig diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. why experts say texting is to blame. >> what they were simulating in the disaster drill, and how it helps in their training. >> the tea party event in boston against the spending and taxing policies of the obama administration. administration. boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. bos
some showers across west virginia. around roanoke, light stuff. and further to the west and south, just a whole complex of showers. looks like saturday afternoon, some rain showers move in. we'll be much cooler. and additional chances of rain for sunday, monday, and maybe even tuesday. don? >> thank you very much. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. kristi i heard you were working. and i thought i'd come in, too. >> good afternoon, don. thanks. i feel honored. unfortunately, the weather is holding out but traffic is not. it is going to be a difficult ride home. left lane blocked. traffic backed up to 795. delay is 20 minutes. north side inner loop. that's at a crawl. you're looking at almost 50 minutes to get by. as for 95 in the northbound direction, still slow there from caton avenue to the beltway. traffic sluggish on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction. that's from pedonia to the beltway. in parkville, taylor avenue. and moving to the city, we have too many accidents there to name. but just to include a few. south fulton at rams
are not afraid to recognize -- to exercise them. >> just across the potomac river in virginia, gun owners made a statement and did not have to say a word, but they did anyway. >> i am here today in support of my constitution. >> i think that guns in the hands of trained law-abiding citizens are excellent things. >> they believe washington is chipping away at their constitutional rights. >> we are coming to fire you this fall. we do not want you foworking he. >> for the first time, fireworks were all -- firearms rollout on park grounds. -- firearms were allowed on park grounds. washington's gun ban has been whittled down by the supreme court and the gun-control fight has all but fallen off the radar screen. gratz gun advocates do not have anything to fear right now. they should be celebrating rather than being concerned. >> but these protesters say they are not letting down their guard and not giving up their guns without a fight. once the nation's murder capital has long been ground zero and the fight rages on. >> here is what is coming your way at 5:30 p.m. >> a four-alarm fire over the weeke
this image in motion. you can see the pop up showers occurring down in western portions of virginia and west virginia. zooming out the image here. you can see the activity. this area of low pressure. creating some showers and some heavier thunderstorms. over parts of the south. so we will continue to see this activity moving up to our region. as we go through the next several hours here. by late overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, expect to see rain. and in fact, zooming in closer. down over parts of georgia. severe weather is breaking out down there, south of atlanta. for us, temperatures at 61 degrees in baltimore. 58 in d.c. 60 in hagerstown. looks like overnight will see things cloud up. for tomorrow morning, take the umbrellas. temperatures right in the lower to mid 60s w showers off and on through the afternoon. i will have a look at how long the rain sticks around and if we have a dry weekend ahead. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. just use the interactive too
and the coaches. >> butler is a good long-shot story. and so is west virginia. another school with an intriguing pedigree. they took the court in indy for a workout today. they are in the final four for the first time in 50 years. west virginia is going to take on duke. and this reminder. you can see the final four on wjz. it starts with butler, followed by west virginia duke. championship monday night. >>> and we have a full weekend of college lacrosse coming up. the loyola greyhounds coming off a win at home. over rival towson. the hounds have won five of seven so far. they take on ohio state in a conference game. loyola has never lost to the buckeyes. >>> going back into the conference this weekend is like our ticket to the play-offs. so we can't afford any losses in conference. all teams put up good fights every week. it's a tough game every week. we know that we're trying to get to the season. goals getting to the final four this weekend. >> loyola will face off against ohio state at 2:00 tomorrow. hopkins, towson, umbc, all have home games tomorrow, too. navy, by the way, is playing george
previous title games, they've lost all four. they moved to a chance to light up west virginia from outside the out and led by john's 23 points and they tied a record by dropping 13 free pointers an now, they'll try to shoot down the bulldogs on monday night. yeah, it will be a big story, i'm sure, people are calling butler the cinderella and duke the big time program. it's going to be a fight. thigh eve earned all they've achieved and they're guys you look up to. they write the books and i get to read them. and the bulldogs had a great defense i have effort -- defensive effortyesterday. they'll have a game time decision also about the concussion -- >> and that's the game tomorrow, butler and duke. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m.. >>> and with the oh's -- o's start two days away, they designated the infielder robert odino for aitem and they'll start tonight 15 dl list with a sore hamstring. they'll start tuesday in tampa against the ray's and baltimore's home opener is friday. you can catch it on wjz for a pregame show and the game's first pitch at 3:05 against the blue jays. also, i want
in washington. the president moves on mine safety after a report suggesting that west virginia explosion in the death of 29 miners may have been avoidable. >> we're live at the sugar loaf craft festival this morning in timonium, and now talking ceramics, and we're watching someone actually make a pot. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us. meteorologist tony pann has a quick look at the forecast on this friday. >> good morning, everyone. it's going to feel like summer today. the temperatures are in the upper 50's to around 60 right now. we're going to hit 0 this afternoon. there's one front parked off to our north in pennsylvania. you can see a couple of showers developing along that front, 20% chance you'll run into those today, but with a southwest wind going like that, it's going to be dry and seasonably warm. things are going to change over the weekend. there's a big chang coming up, and we'll talk about that when i come back. for now, to the news desk. >> our big story this mornings a murder inves
. officials are expected to arrive in west virginia on monday to launch the investigation. there's a final push for the census. it brings a familiar face to the doors. >> style points are awarded for the blue jays. that is coming up later in sports. >> it is great weather now. we do have a rainmaker to the west. we will see how that behaves tomorrow. the insta-weather forecast is ahead. it is sunny and beautiful right it is sunny and beautiful right now. okay, audition in two weeks. whiten your smile. no red wine, blueberry pie, coffee, or tea. i've got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable new toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. good advice. what did i tell ya. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks. new crest 3d white toothpaste. and try crest 3d white rinse. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light >> that is the baltimore city council president jack young. he opened the little league baseball season today. he said that he was honored when asked to sing at the opener this
on the virginia college campus. he believes the plan will help run the student loan program and free up close to $70 billion in student loans in the coming years, money morgan university students are hoping to get a share of. >> it means finding the money and resources to go to school is a big stress. eliminating the stress will help make it happen more easily. >> i think it is hard to find financial aid. >> this administration has also promised to ease loan repayment programs for students wednesday graduate. -- once they graduate. >> a baltimore county library celebrated a facelift this morning. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> jim smith cut the ribbon for the redesigned library. officials hope it will make the experience more pleasant. some of the changes included more benches, lighted interior walkways, among other things. >> a 23-year-old soldier was stationed at fort meade has pleaded guilty to operating a brothel. craig alan corey ii and three other men brought women from ohio and other states here to prostitute themselves. he advertised online and even recruited a 16-year-old girl. >> opening yarmulk
on this morning. most of the activity will state south of us in virginia. this system will slide off the coast. we could see some off and on rain showers. we do have the cloud cover. it will hold the temperatures back a little bit. we will be in the upper 50's this afternoon. this system pushes off the coast. another comes in behind it. that front will come through on thursday. it is an active weather pattern. we will throw more rain into the picture on friday and saturday. we are in the 40's in most locales. 54 downtown. it will be difficult to recover in the temperature department. off and on rain showers. the high temperatures will be around 60 degrees in most places. mostly cloudy tonight. rain showers will end early. the skies will clear. temperatures will drop back into the 40's again. the front of and the great lakes will come through tomorrow. there could be some rain to our north and the west. dry on thursday. this could be the last dry day for awhile. the weather turns active once again. upper 50's to around 60 today. the same front comes back on friday late in the afternoon with a chanc
with the storms. the biggest one is trekking across eastern virginia. this one is about to cross the potomac. the storm is moving east at 24 m.p.h. it will get to st. mary's county in the next hour or two hours. we will see what all of -- we will see when the weather will move that coming up. >> a semi overturned this morning. police say that it was hauling paper. the trailer did not fill load, but it did block iraq for several hours while it took her to remove it. -- but it did not block -- but it did block the ramp for several hours while it took -- while a tow truck tried to remove it. many people in baltimore county in or out of power. it is part of the same system that caused severe weather over the weekend. >> the cleanup continues tonight in mississippi after a deadly strain of tornadoes. 12 people were dead and dozens more injured. there is word tonight of a hero in the strike zone. jay has the emotional story. >> she would do anything in the world for anybody. >> i am in a tornado right now. >> as a violent tornado ripped across northeast mississippi, nicky's thoughts turned to her
. petersburg west virginia at saw little sun break through the cloud cover. the showers will move off the coast, but some of will form overnight. this little area of low pressure will get out of here tomorrow, and high pressure will try to fill in behind it. if there is any little bit of leftover moisture, the front may trigger an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. most areas stay dry, but we have to factor in the possibility that a couple of isolated thunderstorms may pop up. off to the west, a stronger system is working its way through the rockies. that will impact our weather in the upcoming weekend. the futurecast shows the clearing skies in the morning tomorrow, and then isolated showers in the afternoon, especially at western maryland. it looks like it was a dry friday, and then that western storm starts to crowd in, with rain likely by saturday afternoon, leading into sunday and maybe the early part of next week. the sun will push temperatures soared 70. it is 7 with scattered showers at the creek tomorrow. a chance for the isolated shower around the bay, and temperatures right around 7
starting to move in towards west virginia. that's what we're going to experience overnight tonight is heavier rain showers. zooming out towards the west, you can see a couple of strong line of thunderstorms and tornado watches have been reported with this line of showers and storms. that will be pressing in our direction, but first we're going to be dealing with the heavy rain showers overnight. all associated with a big system that is firing up with these showers and storms. the warm front is going to stall out along the mason-dixon line. waking up tomorrow, those heavy rain showers or maybe a thunderstorm -- 51 degrees and 67 with thunderstorms in our area. will they linger for the first part of the work week? all the details in a few minutes. >>> remember. you can personalize your own forecast with iradar available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track these coming storms to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/iradar. >>> did police go too far? the fiance of a man who was shot by officers earlier this week say the shooting was uncalled for and she's fi
. and unfortunately there's no better news to bring you regarding those four missing miners in west virginia since you got back from there, harry. >> we spoke with the governor late yesterday before we came home, and they don't really think they're going to get down in there until sometime much later today. >> well, let's bring you up to date on the rescue efforts. it is a race against time this morning to try to find those four miners after monday's deadly explosion. cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod is at the scene this morning where the governor has just wrapped up a news conference. good morning, jim. >> reporter: well, good morning, maggie. and emergency workers right now, who are drilling into this mine to try to vent toxic gas and allow rescue workers inside, have now punched through on one of three holes that they need to get through to do that. they'll try to punch through on two and three by early this afternoon, and at that point make the determination, if it's now safe enough to, indeed, allow those rescue workers in. in an early morning news conference, officials provided the la
explosion in west virginia that killed 29 men. federal investigators are trying to piece together what caused the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. >> and long night for state lawmakers, they resolve two high-profile measures cracking down on sex offenders before late-night ending. and longer sentences for sex offenders. and a bill-signing ceremony will be in annapolis later this morning. >>> 5:55. here's some of the other stories happening today. more than 125 baltimore county students will become leaders for a day by simulating the u.s. congress. also, the state comptroller will open returns as the tax deadline quickly approaches. the 2010 census road tour comes to baltimore. >>> and we had franchot yesterday here. opening up a letter and it was a return -- what was it, disiewrn 7 million? -- $7 million? personal check? >> i cannot magic. >> i can't. >> started with a report. >> fueled by a comment. >> if he's not prepared to embrace the truth - >> the massachusetts priest speaking out in the remark by a vatican official that has escalated the sex abuse allegations involvi
. into northern virginia as we see the chilly temperatures setting in. so it looks like we will have to wait for sunrise to get the temperatures going back up. temperatures today in the mid 60s. it was breezy. felt cooler out there. but overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the model data shows the lower 40s. starting us off around 6 a.m. but i think colder than that. in some of the outlying areas when you get into the rural areas of the central parts of maryland. but it looks like on the bigger picture continue to see a warmer push coming in from the southwest. and it will feel good as we go to the weekend. here is what it is looking like. right now. we have this area of low pressure, that is giving us those winds from the northwest. and clear conditions over us right now. high pressure will be building in that will help our temperatures increase as we get into thursday, friday saturday and then sunday. by sunday giving us a chance of showers. dry conditions until then. this high pressure has clockwise rotation around it. warm front associated with the warm air building in over the midwe
. >>> the daughter of one of the 29 men killed in west virginia of the coal mine explosion says the owner massey energy is offering each family $3 million. massey says accepting wouldn't bar families from taking legal action. the month's explosion is the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. >>> traffic was tied up on a busy chicago expressway after a dog took a stroll. after 30 minutes, the dog exited the highway and took a swim before disappearing into a forest. >>> coming up next, we have an important tax vote today. >> it could help you pay more when you drink. >> why baltimore's mayor wants to raise the taxes on baltimore's beverages in the city. >>> that massive oil spill is threatening marine life and why the military may be brought in to help. >>> police had to evacuate another neighborhood in aberdeen. what woman thought she found. >>> hundreds of cribs are being recalled. what dangers are they posing to your babies? >>> this is your news to go. it's 6:42. >> we go to louisiana for a live report in a minute. this is just horrible. we're talking about our shrimp, our crabs and se
that we are part of here in baltimore and the much warmer air down into southwestern virginia and on into the rest of the south. that will be sliding our way here over the next 24-hours. no rain associated with the this boundary. we are not looking for any rain. maybe a few clouds overnight as this boundary shifts northward. it will bring in the warmer air. still plenty of sunshine. temperatures you can add 10 degrees tomorrow as the cool air drifts northeast and pushes into england. you can make out the boundary into charlotte and west of there in the 80s. forecast model high and dry tonight and tomorrow. into the day on friday we are fine early on. this boundary comes in and brings us a threat or showers and thunderstorms on friday. 39 tonight. mostly clear. chilly. tomorrow blue sky day. 72. not bad for a two-degree guarantee. tomorrow night milder 53 with a few clouds. seven-day forecast. trend here is a good one. we push up close to 80 on friday. next cool front brings in a threat for a few showers friday night into saturday. factor that into your plans. drier and cooler
an extra day. this is mission control step of signing a virginia beach this morning. the next attempt will be shortly after sunrise tomorrow morning. if this will make it the astronauts seventh day in space. better weather is expected for tomorrow, but of clouds langer, nasa will drive for the backup landing site in california. still ahead, a day care centers are being more cautious these days. we will tell you what they're doing differently compared to grade schools. >> and the sun is shining brightly. high pressure is in control today. later this week, there will be a change. i will break it down for you. right now, low 60s already. if the winds coming from the if the winds coming from the northwest ♪ >> in consumer alert, toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million, stemming from the defect in its vehicles. it was pleased because the government says toyota delayed on telling them about sticking gas pedals. the a maker agreed to pay a but denies the allegation that it violated the law. a transportation official says toyota wanted to avoid contesting it in court. the gover
in northern virginia and winchester. we will see cooler temperatures tomorrow, on the next day planner. expect showers by the actual keep the umbrellas with you. with the temperatures topping out only in the mid to upper 50s. back to you guys. >> enough is enough. that's what one senator said when it comes to one airline's plan to charge for carry on luggage. last week spirit airlines announced it would charge up to $45 for carry ons. and today new york senator charles shurmur said the plan is outrageous and he wants to pass legislation that would stop t spirit executive say it would reduce the number of carry on bags and speeding up boarding. and another airline is coming up with creative things to charge for. european discount airlines ryan air is working on a plan to develop coin operated toilets. airline plans to charge $1.30, to $1.50 to use the bathroom on the airplane. >> the gang members busted for heroin. how some were connected to an organization that got money from the city. >> leaders gather in d.c. to talk about nuclear weapons. still ahead as the "late edition" continues. the cou
virginia. i expect showers trying to develop through the afternoon. increasing overnight 2:00 a.m. sunday through sunrise and then uh, yes, sunday morning, we'll have ourselves pretty heavy rain to wake up with. for today, we're in decent shape. 71 degrees. we turn partly cloudy during the afternoon. we'll settle back down with clouds at 50. tomorrow for the shred it event, we should be fine. it'll be a cooler day near 60. let's check on the roads with kim brown. >> both of those earlier crashes that we had in baltimore city have already been cleared away. that is good news. that leaves us, for the most part incident-free this morning. still dealing with very light to moderate volume. got everything in the green. harbor tunnel thruway from the 95 split to 295. on the outer loop at i-70 to 95, that will take you six minutes as well. you'll see traffic moving at speed and above speed. places on the west side of the beltway, liberty road. baltimore national pike. 695 is looking good. stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic when good morning maryland returns after this. >>> at 5:
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